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Doctoral theses

Basal Kroppskjennskap har vært forsket på i flere doktorgrads-prosjekter. Under finner du referanse til avhandlingene. 

Body Awareness Therapy and The Body Awareness Scale, Treatment and Evaluation in Psychiatric Physiotherapy. (Doctoral Thesis)

Roxendal, Gertrud

University of Göteborg, Sweden.

Body Awareness Applications in Physiotherapy. (Doctoral Thesis)

Mattson, Monica

University of Umeå, Sweden.

Basic Body Awareness Therapy. (Doctoral thesis)

Gyllensten, Amanda

University of Lund, Sweden

Physical therapy in Mental Health: Effectiveness of a physiotherapeutic intervention in eating disorders. (Docotral Thesis)

Catalan-Matamoros, Daniel

University of Malaga, Spain

Basal Kroppskänndeom och psykomotorisk function hos personer med allvarlig psykisk sjukdom (Basic Body Awareness Therapy and psychomotoric fubction in persons suffering from psychiatric diseases). (Doctoral Thesis)

Hedlund, Lena

University of Lund, Sweden

Moved by Movement. A person-centered approach to physical therapy in the treatment of major depression. (Doctoral Thesis)

Danielsson, Louise

University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Physiotherapy in Mental Health Effectiveness of Basic Body Awareness Therapy in Patients Suffering from Fibromyalgia. (Doctoral Thesis)

Bravo, Christina

University of Leida, Spain

The Phenomena Movement Quality and Movement Awareness - Theory Construct and Communication within Mental Health Physiotherapy. (Doctoral Thesis)

Skjaerven, Liv Helvik

University of Murcia, Spain

Promoting Movement Quality in Hip Osteoarthritis. (Doctoral Thesis)

Olsen, Aarid Liland

University of Bergen, Norway

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