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Klinisk kompetanse i BK

NIBK tilbyr etterutdanning som gir klinisk kompetanse i Basal Kroppskjennskap. Etterutdanningen består av fire ukeskurs, BK 1-4, samt et undersøkelsesseminar i BARS-MQE (Body Awareness Rating Scale – Movement Quality and Experience) og et prosjektseminar på 20 timer.


Kursene bygger på hverandre, og gir samlet full klinisk kompetanse i BK. Det første kurset, BK1,  er åpent for nye såvel som erfarne BK-terapeuter, og brukes av mange som en oppfriskning eller som påfyll til egen utvikling. Les mer under "om etterutdanningen"

A precondition for learning and for strengthening the sensimotor interplay, is to practice and develop ones mental awareness. The BBAT pedagogy is structured to promote the person's sensitivity to experiences from the moving body, thus increasing the ability to identify movement aspects that might promote health. 


Basic daily-life movement coordinations are practiced in BBAT; lying, sitting, standing, walking and relating. A structured massage is included in the treatment, as well as the use of voice. The person is guided to explore the contact to the ground, to the center of the body, to the breathing and to the use of energy. 

Central for the treatment process is to allow the person to discover unhealthy habits and to try out more functional movements. The main strategy for therapy is to stimulate postural reflexes, a dynamic balance, free breathing, and unified co-ordination and interplay within the whole moving person. 


An important part of the therapy is to reflect on the immediate movement experiences.  Together with the therapist, the person reflects on bodily and mental reactions and their relationship to daily-life settings. The aim of the clinical talk is to help the person finding meaning and coherence, understanding more about herself and developing stronger self-efficacy in daily life. 

In collaboration with the physiotherapist, the person shares the responsibility for improvement by becoming involved and practicing at home from the start. The self-training consists of practicing selected movements regularly and to integrate movement experiences into daily functioning. The person is encouraged to take notes in a log-book in order to strengthen the learning process.  

Upcoming Events

  • Fordypningsseminar Basal Kroppskjennskap
    Fordypningsseminar Basal Kroppskjennskap
    Fri, 31 May
    31 May 2024, 12:00 – 02 Jun 2024, 14:00
    Skien, Hollenderigata 3, 3732 Skien, Norge
    Sommerens fordypningsseminar - velkommen til tre dager med faglig fordypning med gode kollegaer!
  • Etterutdanning BK3
    Etterutdanning BK3
    Sun, 18 Aug
    18 Aug 2024, 18:00 – 23 Aug 2024, 12:00
    Svarstad, Østsideveien 545, 3275 Svarstad, Norge
    Klinisk kurs med fokus på Basal Kroppskjennskap som gruppetilnærming. En uke full av egenerfaring, læring og teori knyttet til bruk av bevegelsesgrupper i behandling. OBS! Dato er endret fra først publisert!
  • Etterutdanning BK1
    Etterutdanning BK1
    Sun, 01 Sept
    01 Sept 2024, 18:00 – 06 Sept 2024, 12:00
    Svarstad, Østsideveien 545, 3275 Svarstad, Norge
    Klinisk kurs med fokus på egenerfaring i Basal Kroppskjennskap. Denne uken blir du kjent med grunnleggende bevegelser og teori i Basal Kroppskjennskap, og du kommer hjem med nye erfaringer du kan ha nytte av både faglig og personlig.
  • Master of Physiotherapy in Basic Body Awareness Methodology
    Master of Physiotherapy in Basic Body Awareness Methodology
    January - december 2024
    La Cañada
    January - december 2024
    La Cañada, Carr. Sacramento, s/n, 04120 La Cañada, Almería, Spania
    An International clinical post-graduate study program of Physiotherapy in Mental Health. 60 ECTS, University of Almeria (UAL), Spain
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