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International teachergroup

The International Association of Teachers in Basic Body Awareness Therapy (IATBBAT) consists of physiotherapists from 14 different countries. 

The international group of teachers in Basic Body Awareness Therapy was established in the late 1980´ies. The group is responsible for the development and quality of Basic Body Awareness Therapy (BBAT) as a physiotherapy modality, as well as teaching and educating new teachers. In 2003, the group was organized and registered as an international association named the International Association of Teachers in Basic Body Awareness Therapy (IATBBAT). Today, members from 14 countries contribute to further development of BBAT: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, the Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Estonia, Turkey, Canada and Mexico.


The group has one regular gathering each year, lasting for 6 days. The days are used for personal deepening of the movement practice and development of own competence in teaching the method. The General Meeting for teachers and teacher candidates is held. Additional meetings are held to take care of the organisation, development and quality assurance of the BBAT approach.


Members of the teacher group are involved in various ways in research projects, book writings etc. Results and experiences from clinical BBAT are documented in several theses and scientific papers. 


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