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About NIBK

Norwegian Institute for Basic Body Awareness Therapy

Members of NIBK are physiotherapists with clinical and pedagogical competence in Basic Body Awareness Therapy.

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NIBK is an organization for physiotherapists who have clinical and pedagogical competence in BBAT. 

Members of NIBK are responsible for teaching, quality ensurance and further development of BBAT, including the movement quality evaluation tool Body Awareness Rating Scale - Movement Quality and Experience (BARS-MQE) in Norway.

NIBK facilitates courses that lead to clinical competence in BBAT, as well as thematic courses and seminars within BBAT and BARS-MQE. NIBK  contributes to methodological development, research and supervision related to BBAT.


Norwegian group of teachers

In Norway, there are presently 3 teachers and 3 teacher candidates who are affiliated with NIBK.

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International group of teachers

Presently, teachers and teacher candidates from 14 different countries are are affiliated with NIBK . 

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Certified teachers of BBAT

Her finner du en presentasjon av lærere og lærerkandidater tilknyttet NIBK

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Les mer

Historier fra studenter

Les historier fra studentene som studerte til master i Basic Body Awareness Methology.

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